That’ll Preach!

You don’t have to be around me long before you will hear me
make the statement…now that’ll preach. It’s quite humorous at times, especially
since it’s some of the craziest thoughts or circumstances that prompt me to
loudly proclaim it. It’s has actually become a big joke that I’m going to start
my own website with that’ll preach thoughts, (and just the thoughts, the sermon
is left up to the individual.) Anyway, I find that rather humorous!

Well, this time it was a simple walk through a cold mountain
creek that got me preaching, (that’s right if you’re near me at the time, you
will get blessed with a mini sermon.) It was beautiful that day, to me that is.
I found myself enamored with the simple splendor all around me from the
rippling water, to a leaf passing by, to the rocks that I was balancing myself
on. It’s hard for me to explain why I find something so simple, so beautiful, but I
do. Anyway, this time, my proclamation of that’ll preach was preceded by a
beautiful turquoise colored rock that I had spotted on the creek bed. It wasn’t
the only rock in the creek, there were thousands upon thousands of them and I
wasn’t the only one looking for rocks but this one stood out to me. As the sun
broke through the clouds throwing its light onto and through the water, lighting
it up, it was as if it screamed pick me, so I did. I was so excited, I had found a treasure. I
reached my hand down into the icy water and lifted it out. I was stunned as it
turned out to be a rather boring and ordinary looking rock. “What just happened?”,
I thought. Disappointed, I dropped it back into the creek and low and behold it
was beautiful again. I picked it up again and examined it once more and you
guessed it, it was back to its dull lifeless state. The longer I held onto it,
staring at its lack of luster, the more it dried out and the more ordinary it
became, the beautiful blue green fading to a dull listless ashy gray. It was
then that I realized that if I was going to enjoy the beauty of this rock it had
to be covered by the water and exposed to the sunlight. (Now, that’ll preach!)
I’m not talking about a rock, as my pastor will often say. I’m talking about
you and me. You see, we are just like that rock. If we are going to shine in all
the glory in which our Father has intended us to shine, we must remain immersed
in the water of His Holy Spirit and positioned in the light of His Son.
Otherwise, we will become dry and ineffective at reflecting the beauty our Creator
intended. Life itself will offer many obstacles that will try to get in the way
of us being immersed but in the end we alone will decide if we will allow
ourselves to be saturated or dehydrated. Unlike the rock, which had no say as
to whether I would remove it from its water source, you and I do. The choices
we make or don’t make affect us. They will either encourage a deluge for our
spirit or a drought. Have you been out of the water a little too long? Do you
look at yourself and see only a faded image of the person you used to be in
Christ? If so, choose today to submerge yourself in the living water, to soak
in the light of his love and acceptance. If you will jump in, He will cover

-Shawn Watford


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