“When the going gets tough . . . .”

Thank you Jesus for not taking the easy way out!

We live in a generation that wants it easy. I’m as guilty as anyone. Those that know me, know I’d rather text than call. We always want something better. Cell phones, cars, etc. Even our government does this. We spend too much so we raise the debt ceiling instead of rolling up our sleeves and getting in there and cutting things and fighting it out. Divorce is easier than ever, look at the statistics. We search out those that share our same opinions, beliefs, etc. It’s who we are.

We as Christians are to “be like Jesus” as best we can. Jesus never once!!!!! took the easy way out. If anyone had that right it was Jesus. He knew what was coming and stuck it out!!! He let Judas in and loved him in spite of knowing he would betray him. In the wilderness Satan tempted him with everything that anyone would want and Jesus said ….”shove it” (that’s how i like to think He talked to Satan). When He was getting the ever lovin snot beat out of him, He didn’t say “wow, that’s enough, it’s not worth it”. He was the greatest fighter in history (sorry Allen, Rocky can be 2nd) when He really didn’t have to. We as Christians find it easier to NOT tell that someone about our Jesus when we should at home, work, the store, wherever. That’s some thanks to give to the one that gave His whole life for us!!!!

-courtesy of Ed Hopper


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