Thought for today

romans5-3As we reach those points
on our journey that crook and curve, and we get in those bends where the path
is half revealed and haft concealed. When we look from were we just came from I
pray we see the fruit of changed lives that we touched as we passed by. Hearts
turned to the truth, the power of sin broken in peoples lives, forgiveness and
many names written in the Lamb’s book of life through Jesus Christ, just as our
Lord appointed Paul to do. Then looking ahead in the anticipation of what God
is about to do next through journeychurch, we make it our goal to be known for
our good deeds, our joy and gladness, hospitality and love, and being full of
the Holy Spirit and wisdom. Our reputation as a church will be about the manner
in how we love each other, give back and effectively use what the Lord has
given to us.

Pastor Tony


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