Thought for today

   If we come to a place on our journey that feels safe and secure, we must fight our desire to camp out and become comfortable. This is a sign that we’ve begun to move in our own strength and understanding. The antidote for this is to renew our minds daily with the Word and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

   We have to be love sick for Jesus Christ if we expect to be used in a fresh and different way. Our prayers for each other and ourselves must be for hearts of fire for our Lord and Savior, hearts of love for our Brothers and Sisters, and hearts of obedience and service for ourselves.

   Ask for eyes that can stay focused on exactly what the Lord’s goal is for us and to keep us from becoming distracted. Ask for strong ears that can hear the plans He has for us and to keep us from the mistakes of trusting in ourselves.

“The goal of the journey is to move closer to Jesus, ending up anywhere else means we’re lost.”  – Pastor Tony


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