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This past weekend a group of us went on a motorcycle trip. We went to the mountains of Georgia. On Saturday, our day started off kind of rainy but the sun soon came out. We were excited because it was the day we were to ride the most. At the top of one of the mountains it was extremely foggy. It was impossible to see what was coming around the next curve. It was scary to me, to say the least. I remember thinking that if we could just get past this part, the rest of the way was sure to be smooth. It wasn’t long until the way was clear again and all seemed well. We continued on our journey and the sites were beautiful. As we rounded another corner, we once again faced something we were not expecting. Two weeks earlier the town had been devastated by several tornados. All the trees were snapped in half but the worse part was that piles of wood were all that remained of where houses once stood. Now, I have seen this stuff on the weather channel before but seeing it with my own eyes was so much different. It was like you just wanted to be quiet and pray for all the lives that were affected. It was absolutely heart changing! We stopped in that town to eat lunch and soon were on our way again. We knew rain was in the area but we thought we could outrun it. Well, about 2 minutes down the road it started to rain. It was pretty hard for about 20 minutes or so. This made the roads slippery and we were headed down hill. Allen was giving me instructions on what to do if the bike started to skid which heightened my fears even more. I remember thinking again, one more curve and it might stop. I know the sun will be out soon. Sure enough, right when I thought I couldn’t take the rain beating on my skin anymore, around the next curve was the SUN! I have never been happier to see it.

Isn’t this just like our Christian walk? God certainly knows how much we can bear. When we are about to give up, when we see no end to our trouble, He shows up at just the right time. I was thinking about this on the mountain that day and how in my greatest storms he speaks peace at just the right moment. When everything around me looks devastated he keeps me protected in his love and grace. I am so thankful that His plans and ways are so much higher than mine.

Thanks for reading, I hope it touched your heart in some way.


Written by Amy Rogers May 16, 2011


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