whispers 2-22-11

every tuesday we, as an executive staff, have our executive staff meeting. we begin every meeting with a time of prayer. during this time we give God praise for who He is and for allowing us the privilege of working for Him. we also ask for His guidance and for a specific word to us as leaders of this body. every week, without fail, God speaks to us. we go around the table and individually we share the word God gives to us. sometimes we don’t understand exactly how the word we’ve been given applies to us until we lay all these words on the table and when we put those words together we find a beautiful whisper from the lips of our daddy.

going forward i will be sharing these “whispers” weekly. -pastor allen

feb. 22, 2011

“time is short, stay the course, take my hand. in my hand you will find provision and guidance. you need both. be thankful, have a grateful heart for the things you are seeing. don’t take them for granted. like a diamond, you must be cut properly, so that my light can shine in from above to your heart then be reflected back out with brilliance.”


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